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Web Content + Strategy Workshops

Need to revamp your company’s website but don’t know where to start? 

Have all your blog ideas dried up? 

Need to get different departments working together to reflect your brand across the whole business?

Maybe you want to get new marketing team members up to speed FAST.

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I help small-medium businesses with: web content strategy, brand messaging, blogging strategy and search engine optimization.

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“The information I received from Nadia’s web content workshop is invaluable. As an individual who is relatively new to the world of blogging and content strategy, I gained cohesive knowledge I can now apply to my work. Nadia’s experience shone through in her confident presentation, yet she managed to keep the two hours fresh and fun. I would not hesitate to recommend Nadia, and am already looking forward to her next workshop!” Alison, Zero Waste Market


“I really enjoyed Nadia’s web content workshop, Powerful Blogging to Capture and Keep Your Customers. Nadia is a very engaging and informative speaker. For my first foray into blogging, she really helped me to figure out what I needed to focus on and provided practical next steps to get me started. I would recommend this course to anyone just starting out or anyone who needs help generating content and connecting with their audience.”- Maureen Grostad, WIAN Branding


“Nadia was professional, personable and enthusiastic. She delivered an on-point presentation on blogging that clarified common problems, provided insights, and encouraged everyone to do their best. I would take another class with Nadia!” Small Business BC workshop attendee

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