Dogwood Brewing Company – Fact Sheet



International award-winning brewmaster Claire Wilson needed marketing materials for Dogwood Brewing Company; Vancouver’s first organic brewery.

A quick call and a few questions later, I created a product list of the brewery’s four staple beers, plus a handy fact sheet outlining everything that makes Dogwood Brewery so special.

This project was a lot of fun, particularly as Dogwood Brewing Company’s commitment to creating an organic (and absolutely delicious) beer makes the brewery the first of its kind in Vancouver. Where possible, Claire and her team try to minimize environmental impact by supporting local growers, sustainable farming practices and using eco-friendly packaging. This approach is close to Claire’s heart, thus important to convey through her marketing materials.

It’s a win-win situation, because as word gets out about Dogwood Brewing Company, BC beer connoisseurs eager to quench their insatiable thirst and end their quest for a fine brew, will be patting themselves on the back for choosing a full-flavoured organic beer that cares for and respects the environment.

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